Eggs-cellent Maracas


DIY Maracas with Plastic Eggs

Easy & Fun Maracas for Kids!

When I think of maracas, I always think of Mexico. Cinco de Mayo and El Dia de Los Muertes are the two celebrations that come to mind. Maracas are celebrated musically and are an important part of Mexican culture. However, according to they originated from Latin America; either Puerto Rico, Brazil or Venezuela. Where ever they are from, they are a pretty cool instrument.

The maracas are part of the percussion family of musical instruments. A percussion instrument is an instrument that makes sound by striking, shaking or scraping. Click on the image to watch a video perfect for sharing with your kids. I always preview videos before allowing children to watch. In this video there are some instruments I had never heard, learning is so fun!

Percussion Instruments for Kids Demonstration and Sounds of the Best Percussion Instruments (6:12)

Kids are super curious, as I am sure you know and that’s why you are here. What is inside of a maraca anyway? I read that it is traditionally little pebbles or seeds. I found this video of a dad and son who bought a maraca, on a trip to Mexico, and when they arrived home they cut it open. What do you think is in the maraca? What makes the sound? Kids love to walk other kids, and asking simple questions while watching will engage them even more.

What’s inside a maraca? (3:54)

Let’s Make Maracas


  • Scissors
  • 19mm Washi Tape
  • 6 Plastic Spoons
  • 3 Plastic Eggs (blue, purple, green)
  • Rice
  • Pinto Beans
  • Lentiles

We are making three different maracas, and using three different materials to get different tones. I color coordinated the eggs so kids could learn how to play “Hot Cross Buns” with their maracas. More after the directions.


Gather Materials and set up maraca stations.
  1. Fill half of the blue egg with dry rice.
Any dry rice will do.

2. Close the egg and use the Washi tape over the seam of the egg.

There are so many fun Washi tape designs, we chose this for Easter.

3. Tape two spoon handles together, facing each other (they should look egg shaped.

Kids might want to tape the entire handle.

4. Place the filled egg between the spoon heads and tape around the spoons.

One down two to go!

5. Repeat with purple egg and lentiles.

6. Repeat with green egg and pinto beans.

Hot Cross Bun Maracas!!!

Let’s Learn Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns has been sung for centuries. Legend says, street selling bakers sang Hot Cross Buns to interest patrons to buy their bread! The song has become a popular children’s nursery rhyme. There are some children who are unfamiliar with the tune. Here is a puppeteer video from Super Simple Songs (I love this YouTube Channel) singing Hot Cross Buns.

Click on the baker to watch video (1:43)

Your kids might want to watch this a few times, it’s super cute and pretty accurate. The next video is only about a minute long, your kids will get a little introduction to how to use the maracas.

Into to the maracas.

Next, is another short percussion play along for young learners. It is about a minute and a half, but kids will probably watch over and over to practice. If you are a teacher and have a whiteboard you can have some fun with turn taking. The video is by Sylvia Pizzicato, and it’s simple yet creative. Kids watch the bee and when he lands on the flower, to the beat, they shake the maracas.

Percussion Play (1:36)_

Finally, Hot Cross Buns practice. I created this for different learning styles. Some children will follow number patterns, others letters and many by colors. There are three notes, and although we only have two hands, it is possible to learn. Teachers if you are in a class kids can practice in groups of two or three. Parents you might consider being your child’s partner if there are no siblings, as they learn.

Eventually however it is possible for the kids to play on their own, as seen in the video of the maracas in action. Corny I know, but this is about learning and anything is possible. Kids are amazing and are capable of learning so much!

Click on image to watch Hot Cross Buns in action (1:05)

Thank you for reading this blog. The Eggs-cellent Maracas are part of the STEMHAX Easter digital download. This project is great as a post Easter DIY Craft, too. Please let us know if you found benefit from our blog pages and consider following us on social media. We have a growing YouTube Channel and hope to see you there! See you soon!