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Books and the Watermelon

August 3rd is National Watermelon Day! August is the perfect time to celebrate this sweet fruit that is 92% water. Hence the melons compound name and its refreshing effects on a hot summers day!

If you have been following our “Farmer’s Market” series, then you are aware this is a collection of resources for you to use with your kids. We have book recommendations, learning video finds and free resources for hands on fun and reinforcement. There are so many books about watermelons. Our top three books are rather fun and more fiction that non-fiction: “The Watermelon Seed” BY Greg Pizzoli, “Watermelon Day” BY Kathie Appelt, and “Peter Spit a Seed at Sue” BY Jackie French Koller.

A Read With Me Book (2:13)
SOURCE: Good Reads

Every child I have ever met, has wondered if a watermelon seed would grow inside of them, if they swallowed a seed. This is an adorable read and every student I have ever shared this book with asked me to read it over and over, again.

Guest Reader from Bali (7:19)
SOURCE: Good Reads

This is a beautiful story about patience, and a watermelon. This is a much older book, and I tracked down a copy for a reading on my YouTube Channel. However, it has not arrived. I found this reading from a woman in Bali and she is so sweet. I will update as soon as the book arrives.

Guest Reader (4:39)
SOURCE: Good Reads

“Peter Spit a Seed at Sue” is another fun book. It was published in 2008 and it is coming from the same supplier as “Watermelon Day” – I will update, soon. In the meantime I found this reading and trust you will enjoy the story. One seed can start an entire ruckus and before anyone knows it the entire town is making one big mess. What a fun book!

This book inspires a fun math activity. Well, it all depends…our culture is set on being polite and proper at all times, it is good manners for a polite society. Sometimes, though, we have to act a little less stiff and have some fun!!! If you can find a watermelon with seeds, why not have a watermelon seed spitting contest? I know, I know, I can here the buzz of WHAT???? All you need are a few items and you have some hands on math and science, too.

Watermelon Seed Spitting Data Collecting


  • White Garbage Bag
  • 4 Rocks (to secure bag on the ground)
  • Watermelon Seeds
  • Containers for Seeds
  • Tape Measure
  • Masking Tape or Chalk
  • Recording Data Sheet
  • Markers
  • Paper Towels


  1. Most important – remind kids this is all in the name of science and math. It is a controlled environment and spitting is not permitted elsewhere unless evacuating a bug fly-in.
  2. Outside on a nice, non-windy day, set up the white garbage bag by placing one rock on each corner of the bag, on a flat surface.
  3. Share the watermelon with the children, and have them save some of the seeds in a container/or on a paper towel.
  4. Use the masking tape or chalk for the standing behind line.
  5. Have each student spit a seed, measure and collect the data.
  6. Compare data and discuss the findings.
  7. Longest, shortest, average, ETC…
  8. Have fun and giggle a lot!

Watermelon spitting might be a little messy, or your kids are a little young to enjoy this kind of data collecting. Perhaps a simple mathematical seed estimation project, as part of an afternoon snack will do. Guessing and collecting the seeds out of a large piece of watermelon then counting, is fun for any young learner. Have plenty of napkins handy and most of all have fun with math.

Implementing math with hands-on activities to early learners will help children understand math is all around their world. Math is more than a worksheet, and more than just numbers.


Kids are going to ask, “why are some watermelons seedless?” Be prepared by watching this video before exploring watermelons with your kids. Honestly, until I watched this video I really didn’t understand how scientists were able to remove the seeds. Personally, I like the seeds, they are nostalgic for me.

Seedless Watermelon (3:39)

The next video is about agriculture and how the watermelon goes from farm to market. There is a lot of work that goes into watermelon farming and it is hard labor, too.

Georgia Watermelon (6:42)

The last watermelon video is one of my favorite songs for kids. My very first year teaching kindergarten my kiddos designed their own version of the song to perform for the parents, my heart still melts after all these years! “Down By the Bay” by the Learning Station.

Down by The Bay (3:03)

Additional FREE Resources

The final four resources are from some of my peers on Teacher Pay Teacher. Even if you are not a traditional classroom teacher any caregiver can download free and /or purchase these teacher created resources from the TpT website.

SOURCE: Deana Thelen of First Grade Chatter

I LOVE this idea! Creating a keepsake book for the class is cool. My class would have really liked to have made one of these. The download is a template for the cover and an easy to follow page for young learners.

SOURCE: Learning with A Smile

How fun is this little freebie. Having kids use a magnifying glass to find the words in the picture, is just perfect for young learners! Plus, when they are finished kids can color the picture. All 15 words are watermelon related. Brilliant!

SOURCE: Polka Dot Firsties

Adjectives, craft and watermelon related words all in one fun activity. Totally cute! Winner!!!

SOURCE: Jenna Rayburn Kirk

This freebie is really cute, too! Watermelon Syllable Counting is one that you are going to want to use over and over. Center option, too! I would recommend laminating. Cute!

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