Saturday, May 25, 2019


More than Blue! CLICK HERE - for more information. Blueberries Blueberries...

The Jelly Bean Experiment

Testing the Dissolve Rates of Different Solutions Kids can choose solutions around the house to test.

Rainbow Seed Science Experiment

Rainbow Seed Science: Molecules for Young Learners! "Taste the Rainbow" a new spin on a classic experiment!...

Luck of the Irish Game

The Luck of the Irish is a mining game created by STEMHAX. This two player game incorporates social skills, math and history. Kids will want to play this for hours. Best ages for playing are 5 to 8. This is included in the companion and activity packet and can be a great introduction to the California Gold rush, rocks & minerals and more.

Green Play Dough

Shamrock Play Dough for St. Patrick's Day! A.K.A. Green Play Dough This is how we...