10 Free Resources the “Egg Starter”

Introducing Kids to Eggs with Books

What an eggs-cellent idea to explore eggs! There is so much to learn about eggs it can be confusing where to start. Exposing kids to eggs is the best way to see if they have genuine interest in pursuing further investigations. When children are truly interested they learn so much more. This blog is an introduction to possible egg topics of exploration. We are developing a unit study on eggs, coming soon. Please consider following us on social media to keep updated on all the new affordable (and some free) products, as they are released.

I love books. I love books. Did I mention I love books? Kids do, too. Having books in the classroom and at home are important for the development of young minds. Just like when we watch a movie over and over we catch things we missed, the first time. Kids do this with books, and emergent readers will read over and over again if they are interested and have the books. We buy a lot of things online, and sometimes we don’t know exactly what we are getting. I have started to read books online for teachers and parents to evaluate before they make the purchase. Here are three books that I love and will use for some of the exploration modules, eggs included.

“Egg Drop” BY Mini Grey (2:42)

“Egg Drop” is a good book and I will be using this book for a unit study on “Air” and on “Egg Investigations” (LINK TO COME SOON). The book was published in 2002 and is excellent for science and engineering topics. Should you decided to purchase any of my book recommendations from my Amazon Affiliate’s link (bottom of blog and in the description on my YouTube readings) I will receive a small free at zero cost to you; it’s kind of like a finders fee for introducing others to books.

“After the Fall” (3:41)

“After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again” is written by Dan Santat. This is a creative story of what happened in the nursery rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty.” It was published in 2017 and this is another book I will be using for science and technology in the “Egg Investigations” unit study. (LINK COMING SOON)

“The Good Egg” (5:05)

“The Good Egg” is such a sweet book. The characters are eggs and this book is good for compassion and worry, among other endearing lessons. This is the book I would start with when exploring eggs. These books are also an excellent introduction to study eggs through our Farmer’s Market Poetry Journal packet.


Kids Video Show (2:07)

This is a video you might want to share with your students. It is quick and although you can simply share why chicken eggs are basically two colors, adding technology is very important in today’s learning environment.

“Bouncing Eggs” (4:27)

The bouncing egg experiment has been around for a while and it is fun for kids. This video will help give you some ideas on how to proceed with sharing it with children. Personally, I have conducted this with homeschoolers and they loved it, and talked about it for weeks.

“Eggs & Salt Water” (2:02)

This one is so cool and the kids might think you are teaching them some magic tricks. You can use this experiment to show density and buoyancy, or just have fun. This is a good learning video for adults to see how easy it can be to add a little science to academics. (COMING SOON SCIENCE JOURNAL PAGES)

NO PREP Activities

The last four free resources are from some of my peers on Teacher Pay Teacher. Even if you are not a traditional classroom teacher any caregiver can get free and/or purchase the teacher created resources on TpT.

SOURCE: Josie’s Classroom

This is a perfect resource to use with “The Good Egg” book.

SOURCE: Kaylyn Johnson

Want to add cooking to the egg inspiration? Print this free, how to, for teaching kids how to follow directions to make hard boiled eggs. Test out some other cooking times to see what happens? (SCIENCE JOURNAL SHEETS COMING SOON)

SOURCE: Sara Hayden

This is the cutest game for kids to practice their words. If you want to keep these around for a while laminate, so there is a little prep, otherwise not really. This would be really cute for a center.

SOURCE: Amy VanMiddlesworth

Lastly, a little bit of math and art to incorporate into your egg starter. I trust some, if not all of these resources will be beneficial to your egg explorations. May is National Egg Month, what better time to start exploring the edible incredible egg!

Original Poems (including “Eggs”)

Have a wonderful day, see you soon!!