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Farmer’s Market Series

According to the Washington State Department of Agriculture, eating one medium size carrot is one serving of vegetables. And on average Americans eat about 10.6 pounds of carrots per person per year. A carrot a day, sounds like an easy way to add healthy eating to our daily routine. That was easy!

The carrot is the next topic in the Farmer’s Market series of exploration. If you have been following this series, then you are aware this is a helpful collection of resources for you to use, when exploring specialty topics with your children. We have done the research and gathered up useful information for you to prepare sharing carrots with young learners. Some of the entries here are for you and some are for sharing with your children. We have included book recommendations, videos and free printables.

Books and Carrots

There are sooooo many good books out there, it’s hard to pick only a few books. However, I managed to pick three with a little bit of variety for piquing a child’s curiosity. The first book is an early reader book. It is “Curious George and the Perfect Carrot” BY HMH Books for Young Readers. “With the help of the man with the yellow hat, Curious George plants and grows carrots in a little garden plot of his own. When his carrots are finally ready to be pulled from the ground, George decides that his prize carrot is too perfect to eat. But when George stumbles upon his friend Bill’s pet bunnies lost and hungry, he doesn’t hesitate to share his carrot to help save the day.” – Excerpt from Amazon

Guest Reader Bethany’s Reading Corner – Read With Me Book (2:59)
SOURCE: Good Reads

The next book we explored was “Carrots Grow Underground” written BY Mari Schuh. “Simple text and photographs describe how carrots grow underground.” – Excerpt from Amazon

Coming Soon – Read With Me Book
SOURCE: Good Reads

The last book resource is a fun book called “Carrot Soup” written by John Segal. This is such a sweet book about a rabbit who patiently waits for his carrots to grow. I was so happy that the end of the book to find there is a recipe for carrot soup. Love this book and believe your kids will, too!

Guest Reader: Krowe Fro Kids…- A Read With Me Book
SOURCE: Good Reads

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Thanks to YouTube we can take all kinds of virtual field trips, and all around the world, too. Here are my top three videos for exploring carrots with young children. Starting with this video from Disney France, I love this series for kids, from PreK to my age – they are just fun! I didn’t know the carrot was from Holland. This video is a perfect into, and will promote interest.

“The Carrot” (3:39)

The next video we will travel to Australia to visit a carrot farm. Kids are fascinated by how things work in the big world. They love big trucks and factories. This video is great and although I am sure there are similar operations in the United States, this is a wonderful way to incorporate some geography into the carrot lesson.

“Western Australian Carrots” (3:50)

If kids are really interested in carrots try growing new carrots from the carrot tops that went into a salad. I have done projects like this with my kids and they love to see how a vegetable can grow from a vegetable. Here is a little video from a woman on how to grow your very own carrots, adapt it for your young learners. Enjoy!

How to Grow Carrot Plant From Carrot Tops (3:19)

Additional FREE Resources

The final four resources are from some of my peers on Teacher Pay Teacher. Even if you are not a traditional classroom teacher any caregiver can download free and/or purchase these teacher created resources from the TpT website.

SOURCE: Yvonne Dixon

This free resource is great math practice for sorting and recording odd and even numbers. I chose this because it has a carrot theme and is totally cute! This would make a great center for classroom and homeschool use.

SOURCE: Kelly Dolling from the Teacher Idea Factory

More carrots and math! Telling time reinforcement; this is great find and is intended for an independent math center. Print, laminate and play. Everything you need for a complete quiet and fun center. It could also be used for peer partnering, as well.

SOURCE: From The Pond

Carrot Crunch is also a math numbers game and utilizes numbers to 12. This is a print and go, so there is no real prep. You will need some standard six sided dice and some counter chips as well. This is also good for a center or a math bin.

SOURCE: From the Pond

The last freebie is also created by From the Pond. This is a craft and writing prompt. I feel this is a wonderful way to end a carrot themed unit. Kids love anything with googly eyes, too!

If you like these free resources please consider following these teacher creators, they are always developing new and cool things for you to use with your students.

Farmer’s Market

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