Jelly Bean Pattern Play

Cover Image by Wokandapix from Piaxaby

Plastic Egg Math Center

Jelly Bean Pattern Play

I love early childhood education and this online space, where I can use my creativity to help others. The Easter inspired STEM packet has a similar worksheet to the one in this digital download. As I was creating this blog post I decided to change it a little so it could be used all year long; as stand alone pattern play or as a classroom center.

Farmer’s Cow egg are yummy! Supporting my local farmer.

Making the Center:


  • 12 Plastic Eggs
  • Crayons
  • Egg Carton or Basket
  • 6 Small Bowls
  • Jelly Beans
  • Patterns
  • Recording Sheet


  1. After gathering all the supplies and downloading the pages, cut the twelve patterns, fold and place inside the plastic eggs.
There are 12 and some are repeating patterns.

2. Place the eggs in the carton.

This is great for multi-age kids to work together.

3. Using the six small bowls sort the jelly beans according to color. Kids will volunteer to help sort, but in the classroom atmosphere, it is easier to just have this done beforehand.

4. Place the same color crayon in the small bowl.

Center is ready for one or two children.

Method of Play

Before beginning actual center play have a refresher about patterns. Mixing technology and hands-on activities is something that really excites children. This is a good video from Scratch Garden. It has catchy music and the graphics are gentle. I LOVE this YouTube Channel.

The Patterns Practice Song (2:30)


  1. Open the egg and read the pattern.
  2. Write the pattern in the box under the groovy cat.
  3. Make the pattern with jelly bean colors of choice.
This pattern is AABB. Using blue (A) and purple (B) crayons.

4. Complete the sheet by opening and recording four patterns from the eggs.

Ready for checking.

5. When the sheet is completed. Have another student, sibling or friend check the patterns. There is a larger jelly bean for them to sign their name once they have verified the patterns are correct.

I like peer review. Kids take constructive criticism much better than adults. They actually learn from each other, as well. It’s a win win and they see this as part of the play.

This jelly bean pattern play can be created easily and there is no need to purchase my download. I have priced this at only $1.00 for busy parents or teachers who might want to just print, cut and play.

Once I learned that Pete the Cat loves jelly beans, I thought my groovy cat would inspire young learners even more. If you do download this center, around Easter, I recommend reading “Pete the Cat Big Easter Adventure” and print the recording sheet in color. Thank you for reading my blog. Have a wonderful day! See you soon.