Money Math K-2: A FUN Game


Peg’s Pot of Gold

Adapted for St. Patrick’s Day FUN!
The inspiration for the game was inspired many years ago by colleague of mine. Peg was very creative and used this in her 1st-2nd multi-age classroom. Living in New England and in a rural farming area sometimes the school enrollment can be small, and multi-age classrooms simply work. Her original design was the backbone of what we have developed for this particular game. Thanks Peg!

For the St. Patrick’s Day version of the game we aptly named it “Peg’s Pot of Gold.” This is a two-for-one math game and we are sure that your children, whether in a classroom or homeschool environment, will have fun playing while reinforcing their loose-change money skills.

DIY Dice

DIY Dice directions and Money Data Sheet are available in our packet.
In the version Peg created, she used a square eraser and wrote the above letters on each side of the cube. You can use any cubed item and get really creative. We made and tested our DIY Dice (complete directions in the STEMHAX St. Patrick;s Day digital download) and the kids loved the fun shamrock sticker (which means go again).

Playing the Game 2-4 Players


  • 15 Pennies
  • 15 Nickels
  • 15 Dimes
  • 15 Quarters
  • DIY Dice
  • Coin Holder (Cup, bowl, “Pot of Gold”, etc.)
  • Money Data Sheet (make your own or support this blog by downloading the 30 page packet below, filled with Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, History, Art, and XTRA puzzles and more – shameless plug, but I love creating and sharing, and with your support I will continue to create!)
  • Pretend STEMHAX Store (or make your own store)
  • Pencils


  1. Going first – whoever is wearing the most green.
  2. Roll the dice.
  3. Pick the coin that matches the letter shown face-up on the cube.
  4. Place the coin on the “Money Data Sheet” in the correct coin column.
  5. Repeat going clockwise, taking turns, until a player has 4 quarters.
  6. Make a prediction as to who has the most money to spend in the store.
  7. Add the value of all the coins.
  8. In order of who has the most money (value of coins) will shop for items first, and so on.
  9. Play again until all items have been purchased from the store.

Part One: Collecting Money

ABC Mouse “Coins!”video clip to watch as a money refresher (3:06)
Once the game is all set up and ready to play, consider watching this quick video”Coins!” on YouTube from ABC Mouse (LOVE LOVE LOVE). This is a fun video and an effective refresher on coins. This builds confidence in kids and really gets them excited about playing the game, and picking out the money.
Let the game begin!
Once a player has four quarter’s it’s time to add the value…
Time to go shopping!

Part Two: What Money Can Buy!

Here are three options! OPTION #3 IS MY FAVORITE (I saved the best for last)


Oprion #1- There are so many ways to set up a store. If a classroom has a store space already implemented there is no prep and this game should work effortlessly. However, we have a few alternatives for your on hand STEM bins. The first is simply keeping all the game items in a plastic bin; the cube, coins, money, pencils, copies of the Money Data Sheets, a copy of the Pretend STEMHAX Store. With this option the store items are on a printed sheet and placed in a plastic page protector, Add a couple of dry erase markers and you have a simple mobile STEM center.

Option #2

Option #2 is almost the same as option #1 just exchange the dry erase markers for building blocks or any item you choose. Six blocks of each color (2-4 players) should work perfectly.

Option #3 is our favorite store. Simply print on paper or card stock, color the items for the store, laminate and cut out your cute little shopping items. Making multiple copies will add for a more engaging shopping experience. Kids are cute and they want to have more than one person earn the same item from the store. There have been times when the laminating machine was broken. I have used this option many times in the past.
Option #3

After coloring simply cut the items out and put clear packing tape on both sides of the items. This will help to protect the props for multiple uses. This is the most FUN way to play!

The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day

This game is one of the items included in our 30 page digital download for St. Patrick’s Day. This packet includes Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, History, Art, and XTRA cool stuff for St. Patrick’s Day! Some of the items included are games, puzzles and no prep worksheets. We had a great time putting together this packet and look forward to hearing how much fun your kids had playing “Peg’s Pot of Gold!” Thank you, see you soon!

30 Page Digital Download