Luck of the Irish Game


Luck of the Irish: History and How To Play

Click on the image to see why this pile of dirt and rocks is a FUN game for your kids!
There are many ideas as to where the phrase “Luck of the Irish” originated. During the California Gold Rush there were many successful Irish miners. When they found their “pot of gold,” Americans called it “The Luck of the Irish.” Meaning that the Irish miners were lucky, and this is why they found gold, not because of their hard work. This is a fun story and helps children relate to history in a fun way. This post has several links to videos we recommend watching before sharing this game with your children.When they have questions and their interest is piqued, you will be equipped with some cool technology to help elevate their curiosity.
Video is 2:16 short…
The California Gold Rush is a short video with a cartoon overview and is a little over two minutes in length. Next, is a short clip kids enjoy watching before they play.
Gold Rush YouTube for Kids
This last video recommendation is one of my favorite YouTube Channels for kids called SciShow Kids. This episode is about rocks. It will give a general introduction to the three forms of rocks, in a very entertaining and kid friendly presentation; “Be a Rock Detective!”
Video ” Be a Rock Detective!”
I thought I would add a couple of tidbits about gold. Gold is soft, easy to scratch and is heavy. The periodic table it is represented as Au. Gold is categorized as metamorphic and according to metamorphic rock is described as an “environment where minerals are secondary in origin forming from alteration through heat and pressure.”

Playing the Game


  • 15 Rocks – 8 yellow & 7 green
  • Container
  • Sand
  • 2 Spoons


  1. Bury all the rocks in the sand.
  2. Take turns using the spoons to mine one rock at a time.
  3. When all rocks have been mined players add their points.
  4. The player with the most points wins and says, “Luck of the Irish!”


  • Yellow rocks = 2 points
  • Green rocks = 1 point


If you don’t have sand, this game can be played by putting rocks in a durable bag. Take turns pulling rocks out of the bag, no peeking!

30 Page Digital Download
This game is one of the items included in the 30 page digital download. This packet includes Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, History, Art, and XTRA cool stuff. Some of the cool stuff is games, puzzles and no prep worksheets. We had a great time creating this companion packet and look forward to hearing how much fun your kids had playing “The Luck of the Irish!” Thank you, see you soon!